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At NGOCSR.com, we are not only about connecting stakeholders; we are about working hands on with social entrepreneurs / NGOs to scale their organizations by providing knowledge, skills, advice, and technology to help accelerate the social change they want to bring about.

NGOCSR.com deputes a person, social entrepreneurs who lead organizations that are able and willing to scale by leveraging ICT, and provides them.

  • Skills and Knowledge: Training and exposure to technology experts and social entrepreneurs
  • Networks: Our Mentors providing advice on selecting and implementing technology solutions, and an enabling ecosystem of youth networks, universities, and volunteers available to help implement scale up strategies
  • Partnerships: Our Partners consisting of technology companies and networks that can offer free or subsidized technology products and services



NGOCSR.com is an initiative of Bharat Thakkar, who is the CEO of NGOCSR.com. From our CEO to our Advisory Board and Team, we are passionate about providing guidance and leadership for NGOCSR.com.

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