Philanthropy Projects

Philanthropy Projects for Donors

Our Philanthropy Projects related Services and Objectives's Social Ventures has worked on large spectrum of projects and diverse mandates from a wide range of clients. Our cause-agnostic approach and emphasis on social impact drives our ability to fully understand a client’s requirement and design programs that lead to both fulfillment of the client’s mandate as well as maximum social benefits on the ground.

Our Mission is to better disadvantaged circumstances through support and involvement of individuals and groups from their respective local Community and Corporate groups, whilst increasing awareness of Social Responsibility through Projects. 

Our objectives for Philanthropy Projects are as follows:

  1. Increase levels of Volunteering, Work Experience/Trail & Training Opportunities leading to paid Employment
  2. Increase awareness among private, public, third and emerging sector individuals, communities through to registered companies / organisations/societies and similar, whether profit making or not, regarding issues affecting those within society globally as  individuals or larger groups and collectives that are considered in need of support.
  3. Provide appropriate support services for individual or grouped needs of what be be collectively referred to as potential  service users, customers or clients in order to achieve betterment of circumstance and/or otherwise considered deprived, unequal, unfair, unjust, and often sympathetic situations.
  4. Identify through evidence based circumstance whether any detriment of what be be collectively referred to as potential service users, customers or clients, that have previously, are currently or will in future result in sufferance with adverse effects as a result of what may be concluded as flaws in Social Policy
  5. If positive identifications are made then to make right through process and appropriate bodies of any such wrong doings, injustices or balance otherwise what may be matters of disadvantaged circumstance and adversity that may be considered to be morally, ethically and ideally ultimately factually unfair or inappropriate.
  6. Encourage consideration of Corporate & Community Social Responsibility Projects (Philanthropy Projects) and our current and/or proposed future related services.
  7. Implement services for Philanthropy Projects in partnership, where mutually beneficial in order to further achieve our aims and objects.
  8. Implement such services and solutions in order to meet the objectives above.
  9. Successfully apply for and be approved funding from available sources in order to ultimately employ paid personnel to coordinate current and future services of our Philanthropy Projects in addition to the ongoing need to sustain existing Volunteer commitment and ensure payment by our Philanthropy Projects of related Volunteer Expenses to our registered non-profit organisation Volunteers. 


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