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Our CSR Services For Companies

Baseline Survey/ Need Assessment Studies

We conduct Need Assessment for CSR projects of companies, which will help the company identify real need on the ground and intervene with impactful Sustainable CSR Projects. We can help you assess how your organisation is currently performing in CSR terms – in relation to international frameworks, peers and/or competitors, or against your own targets.

Stakeholder Engagement

At the heart of all meaningful CSR strategies lies stakeholder engagement. It presents an opportunity to understand your stakeholders’ opinions and concerns, and respond to them. This is a great way to build trust with stakeholders and to consult their informed opinion whilst sharing yours. NGOCSR.com uses a variety of methods to help companies engage their stakeholders and we base our approach on international frameworks for best practice.

Developing CSR Strategy & Vision

We help the Client in development of their CSR Strategy with defined vision, mission and objectives after undertaking thorough Research. We can help organisations prioritise areas of focus for their CSR planning and strategies. We take time to understand what the business priorities are and align the CSR strategy to it. We also help to build responses to stakeholder issues into the strategy. This process entails setting targets and goals.

Implementation & Partnerships

The key to any great plan is in its implementation. For companies trying to implement CSR strategies, particularly for the first time, this can be challenging. At NGOCSR.com we offer practical advice, trouble-shooting, and can help find the right project partners to ensure success. We also offer bespoke training on CSR. We help in joint implementation of the CSR projects through our expertise and by developing  partnership network with the NGOs and Specialized agencies across the country.

CSR Impact Assessment/ Concurrent Monitoring & CSR Evaluation

It may sound trite, but "what gets measured, gets managed"...and we would say it also gets communicated. We can help develop performance indicators to evaluate and track your CSR performance - and we can train your team on how to use them. This includes community investment impact assessment, environmental performance, investor perceptions and social compliance. We undertake monitoring of the CSR projects on behalf of companies and conduct evaluation and 3rd party impact assessment to assess the actual impact of the initiatives on the targeted communities.

CSR Reporting & Communications

We help the companies in reaching out to the relevant stakeholders through CSR reports, Annual reports, Sustainability reports, Website reporting and Newsletters. We also help companies prepare their board reports as mandated under the Companies Act. There is increasing pressure on organisations to share their CSR credentials, talk about their commitments and present their goals and targets. We can help you do this, in a variety of ways (and we don’t believe that GRI is always the most appropriate approach):

  • GRI reporting – we have experience with both the G3.1 and G4 versions
  • In annual reports – sometimes a few, well-written pages in an Annual Report are enough to showcase your CSR performance and satisfy the requests of stakeholders
  • On corporate websites
  • In employee communications
  • Investor relations – integrating CSR messages into your communications with investors and analysts


CSR Training

We provide CSR and Sustainability training programs and offer long-term support/ handholding for organization’s senior and middle management to enable the company to implement its policies, deliver the road-map and effectively use sustainability management tools.

Our training always contains five main elements, which we work hard to keep in balance:

  • Tested Frameworks
  • Empirical evidence
  • Business experience
  • Practical skills exercises
  • Examples of good practice

We have trained many people in CSR.

We pride ourselves on the practicality of our training and our focus on getting short, medium and long term results.


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