NGO Services

Our Services for NGOs

Our Services For NGOs

Partnerships with Corporate Sector:

We help NGOs in partnering with Companies for effective implementation of CSR programmes.


Development of self sustainable projects:

We help NGOs / Organizations to develop self-sustainable projects with emphasis on maximum utilization of resources, cost minimization and efficiency of revenue generation activities within the project.


Training and Capacity Building:

We help improve internal systems and processes in NGOs so as to enhance their professional outlook and improve operational and management systems like Human Resource, Finance, Marketing, Legal, Communications etc. We also provide mentoring/ handholding of NGOs on preparing Sustainable projects, Partnerships, Capacity building of its staff, Reporting and Communications. We also provide specialized training to NGOs as per requirement. For many NGOs Trainings Programs and Workshops tend to be the preferred method of both building capacities, and, resolving organizational problems. Though we believe that Trainings are effective only when integrated with other organizational interventions, we do believe that quality trainings, using a variety of innovative and participatory techniques can certainly make a difference. A majority of our Trainings are custom designed, though we are also proposing to run some programs for a more general audience. We have the capacity to offer training workshops on a range of topics: systems thinking, organizational values, leadership, communication, motivation, conflict resolution, appraisal systems as well as TOTs etc


Reporting & Communication:

We help NGOs in internal and external reporting and communication to meet the increasing demands of transparency and accountability by funding agencies.


HR, OD & OE (Organizational Effectiveness) Consulting:

Though most NGOs are far smaller than corporates, the problems they face are as complex. Frequently, such problems are not amenable to easy analysis or solutions. Suggested solutions by NGO managers or leaders – such as Team Building – frequently miss the core of the problem. In these situations, we find it convenient to look at such NGOs holistically, and at a systemic level. Such a view allow us to design interventions which may integrate conventional HRD (e.g. Performance Appraisal, Compensation or Promotion) with OD approaches (building 2nd line leadership, building a culture of team work; dealing with underlying conflict, reworking the vision-mission of the organization etc).


Recruitment, Selection and Coaching:

We have the capacity to design Recruitment and Selection systems for a range of organizations – from small sized NGOs to large state level poverty alleviation programs. Such systems incorporate a variety of psychometric & sociometric tools, field visit based selection and behavioral interviews. Process Documentation & Documentation.

There is a wide range of work being done in the sector that requires to be documented. This includes both the processes being followed by social development agencies, as well as the processes of change that take place as a result of interventions made by such agencies. We have experience in training organizations and documenters in doing both. .

We have started coaching NGO managers and leaders We believe long term coaching supports tremendous development of managers and leaders in a way that is very different from more traditional methods like training and on-the-job learning.

Marketing and communication services for NGOs and social enterprises

Re-imagine the way in which you present your story to the world and engage your supporters.

Our expert Communications team is currently working with several NGOs to revamp their branding and redefine the way in which they reach out to donors, sponsors and supporters. We are happy to extend this service to you too. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize the way the world sees you. With the right messages, you can inspire thousands to join your cause today.

•       Position your organization as credible and transparent, and showcase the wonderful impact you create
•       Develop branding and communication material that stand out among those of your peers
•       Promote your cause and impact through social media, online channels and other innovative ways


 Social Enterprises/ Institutions:

With the emerging role that social enterprises and Institutions have come to play in addressing the need gaps in the biz eco-systems; the Foundation encourages this sector in their innovative services, biz solutions and portfolio offerings in respect of CSR and Sustainability development.


Engagement with the Government of India at both the state and central levels is key to scaling the impact of CSR and Sustainability. The Foundation advocates on behalf of all stakeholders for the furtherance of Responsible Business Practices, Inclusive Growth and Socio-economic development.

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